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Watch our Missoni Spring 2013 Backstage Beauty video with makeup artist Lucia Pieroni and see how to get one of the hottest looks for spring: a bold lip with with a pop of hot color.

Lucia Pieroni described the beauty look of the Missoni Spring 2013 show as “cosmic couture”. This girl has a “gorgeous ethereal aura about her”.  Lucia gave the models a manga inspired lip –  “it’s super stamped on, blurred around the edges in a lipstick that is custom mix of florescent hot pink and orange“.

Check out our Missoni Spring 2013 backstage beauty video with makeup artist Lucia Pieroni, here now featuring top model Cara Delevingne.

Reported and produced by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Video Network.


Karen Morrison is the Founder and Executive Producer of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at iTunes, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2016". She creates award-winning digital content for some of the most iconic brands in the world including Conde Nast, Allure Magazine, L'Oreal Paris and MaxFactor UK. Follow Karen on Twitter, Instagram and Google+


  1. Missoni Spring 2013 Backstage Beauty by Lucia Pieroni: Watch our Missoni Spring 2013 Backstage Beauty video with…

  2. jazzyeli22 says:

    Manga girls have nude lips not bold colors

  3. RT @MODTV: So hot! Get the #beauty look of #Missoni S13 by @luciapieroni | MODTV #Video @StreetersLDN

  4. RT @MODTV: #Video: So hot! Missoni Spring 2013 #beauty by Lucia Pieroni | MODTV @luciapieroni @missoni

  5. So hot! Get the #beauty look of #Missoni S13 by @luciapieroni | MODTV #Video @StreetersLDN

  6. Ninz Beb says:

    I loveee Yumi !! She’s going to be big ! And Cara needs to pull off the attitude and walk professionally.

  7. josephmoore77777 says:

    i think she looks way better in videos and in person than in her photos:/

  8. #Video: So hot! Missoni Spring 2013 #beauty by Lucia Pieroni | MODTV @luciapieroni @missoni

  9. Designer FashionStylist says:

    Yumi Lambert.

  10. ayoitskayla says:

    Anyone know the model at 2:15 in the pink?

  11. TheDeextra says:

    Caras walk… her tho

  12. McMakisha says:

    Cara looks weird in the video caption

  13. Josie Hilliard says:

    The girl in the video caption picture thing is cara 🙂

  14. Designer FashionStylist says:

    Yumi Lambert roks.

  15. jazzyeli22 says:

    That is not manga at all. But I love the color.

  16. Miguel Gonzalez says:
  17. MichelleAristocrat says:

    Loving this lip!

  18. imwiththeskaterboi says:

    she looks like Cara Delevigne

  19. WolfDeezy says:

    Manga? lol no

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