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Lana Del Rey stars in new H&M Ad Campaign for Fall 2012 singing her track “Blue Velvet”.  The commercial was directed by Johan Renck and it has a strange, haunting, David Lynch mood about it.

Lana Del Rey is 26, but her real name is Elizabeth “Lizzy” Woolridge Grant.  She began performing in clubs in New York City at age 18, and signed her first recording contract when she was just 21 years old.  Since the release of her single Video Games in 2011 she’s become an overnight star and a fashion icon.  Her 60’s retro look was the inspiration for Milan Designers Dean and Dan Caten’s DSquared2 Fall 2012 Collection, and the latest Spring 2013 runways were full of that 60’s vibe.

In this H&M Fall Winter 2012 campaign video Lana Del Rey sings her latest track Blue Velvet, which you can buy at iTunes. The song is from her upcoming album  Born to Die – The Paradise Edition which is set for release November 13, 2012. Check out Lana’s campaign video for H&M here now and  visit H&M.COM  to see the full collection.


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  1. Asia Mackay says:

    They’ve transformed her into something too dramatic

  2. Aminah A. says:

    the lady at 1:10 looks like a freakin barbie!

  3. Guywithcrazyideas says:


  4. SweecaSam says:

    Lana Del Rey was born in the wrong century, shes amazing <3

  5. killerbl4ckman says:

    Holy crap did the set designer of this video ever nail the Blue Velvet set here. I was half expecting Frank Booth to burst in with his mask and yell “FUCK HEINEKEN, PABST BLUE RIBBON!”

  6. Pablo Moschner says:

    Lana’s got two millions of fans on twitter! Keep it up Lana!

  7. chrispclad says:

    hot dayum. them lips in that one cut, ooft.

  8. dozzy p says:

    There is clearly something wrong with this world. Instead of constantly talking about her lips, people should listen to her ART.

  9. mortimash says:

    why isnt this longer?

  10. overthehappiness1 says:

    The boy with the facial hair…

  11. Tanesha Letia says:

    Its no her lips are naturally like that !

  12. tolpacourt says:

    Frank Booth likes this.

  13. virgorouge says:

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  14. yytroll says:

    She looks dement

  15. Ruluk says:

    A shame that this is so short. I damn love this song+video.

  16. seibrav says:

    Liked it.

  17. xArchAngeL01x says:

    Georg is full of bullshit. Go crawl into the fecal swamp you were conceived In

  18. georg. b.hericcson says:

    a crappy version, copy of Amy Winehouse, is believed former has a face full of botox, her lips are fake, does not have the same force as the original song by Bobby Vinton, this version is a real shit, her face is swollen botox therefore, that sucks.

  19. Sandra V says:

    The fuck?! The ending had me thinking Lana was gonna rip his head off

  20. Terrax1 says:

    Now it’s dark…

  21. mark king says:


  22. maxpayne2424 says:

    this version is scary lol

  23. ThesmallRobsten says:

    She is so beautiful ♥_♥

  24. ThesmallRobsten says:

    We have a mutual feeling haha
    she is so beautiful

  25. DestinyDeeds says:

    I am a girl and I love her too! Twins! I do think that her type of music is just not for everyone, though.

  26. Adil DAHMANI says:

    I’m in love

  27. Sarah Pascoe says:


  28. MrSturmvogel says:

    She has ruined her lips so that it sounds like she has false teeth. She whistles on S. Much like that old pedophile in Family Guy. Baby wants to..

  29. Liz Franco says:

    oh Lana, I Love you. I dont care if my bf thinks your music is depressing…its beautiful and right up my alley..keep it coming for us fans…u are such a classy lookin lady with a sailors mouth ha ha luv it

  30. Melanie Rose says:

    hey guys! check out my channel 🙂

  31. SavigeBlazer says:

    she has to do a cover of Love letters (lester version)

  32. Ilyes Hacahni says:

    i hate fashion 🙁 they are not creative anymore.

  33. suqarpi31 says:

    she is perfect for an H&M commercial! i wish i can sing like her shes amazing

  34. MaWiRay says:

    Beautiful song, great singer and all for H&M…. I love their fashion ^^ :-*

  35. TheOriginalRosettes says:

    hello everyone! thank you for uploading this beautiful song, we love the way Lana modernises the music of the forties and fifties, she’s an inspiration! 🙂 we’re a jazz trio who aim to spread recognition for old fashioned jazz and swing, would love it if you had a look at our first official music video! 🙂 we’d love to look at anyone’s videos if they sent us a message after having a look at our channel 😀 comments are greatly appreciated! thanks again for this amazing video! The Rosettes xxx

  36. Alexandra Claudia says:

    i love you Lana ,u are the best, i love you

  37. Jasper Specklerwitz says:


  38. msshabbyfufu says:

    As soon as my daughter started playing Lana’s music in the car I said to her that the haunting/eerie tone reminded me of David Lynch films (Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks) – so not surprised to hear she is a fan of his work.

  39. msshabbyfufu says:

    As soon as my daughter started playing this artist in the car I said to her it was so haunting and eerie that it reminded me of David Lynch (producer of “Blue Velvet” and “Twin Peaks” – so makes sense she would be inspired by him.

  40. Adrian Ababovic says:

    The video is inspired by David Lynch, Lynch made a film back in 1986 called Blue Velvet, and Lana is a big fan of the film and his work, Lynch is famous for his confusing plots and the twists he puts in i.e. his film Mulholland Drive which has no clear plot or interpretation, Lana shows no clear plot as well like the midget, the guy hypnotizing her, the sailor, the torch singer(herself), the girls in the back, the girl typing, pretty much shes doing a lynch style video and theres no message

  41. KingCoatimundi says:


  42. Mutantslugprincess says:


  43. HearWithoutPrejudice says:

    no one is better for H&M than lana del rey and beyonce – or music for that matter

  44. roratruth says:

    I really don’t know, but somebody once posted saying that they studied Psychology and there were loads of psychological disorder references in this. Also, I’m called Aurora too 🙂

  45. GaGaDollx says:

    I breathe for this woman, she is absolutely incredible.

  46. Undesnii Toim says:

    goyo bnaaa

  47. merlethe says:

    I agree with you but maybe ‘megalomaniacs’ just know the means. To get signed etc. An exaggerated personality is always noticed. There’s nothing new about megalomaniacs, I think of Prince! I don’t mind megalomaniacs in music, it’s just difficult to live with them

  48. merlethe says:

    umm, could that be because the film ‘blue velvet’ is Lynch!!?

  49. Alejandro Chinchilla says:

    Lana Del Rey is a gorgeous woman, she is unique, i love her music. Learn Lady Gaga.

  50. trouble rt says:

    Hey, this is “Without You” cover by Lana Del Rey, check it out ! ‘ x )’ —-> / zbnsZexKY10

  51. basvandi says:

    The woman’s laugh is SO annoying

  52. AuroraLee87 says:

    Hey guys, first off, I’d like to say I love Lana’s cover, however I am so confused by this commercial. I don’t understand the message is at all. At first I thought H&M was going for a “classic,” “timeless” look (just like the song) but then…why did the dwarf cut her off in the end? and why was that girl yawning and laughing at her? I am getting mixed messages.

    Also,…how does this connect with the H&M brand? I’m just not following. Thanks!

  53. cristian david gutierres jimenez says:


  54. armin38822 says:

    damn. why do I get thumb downs. she just looks like girl from that time. strange.

  55. Coeur Tranquile says:

    Should have done a spin.

  56. Hasan Keskin says:

    new track

  57. KimFraustro says:

    this is so perfect <3

  58. Kayla Moss says:

    I love her version of this song. Lana is one of those rare artist that does what suits them well and doesn’t care what other people think!

  59. katherine emm says:

    Lana Del Rey is a very rare example of how an extremely beautiful woman can also have incredible talent. Many beautiful women get by on their looks and have no actual talent to back it but Lana has it in spades

  60. rolytomatoes says:

    It makes me sad that this pre-fab piece of marketing dreck has ten times the view of the original artist.

  61. jam3slars0n says:

    your’e new here

  62. LeQasida Argent says:

    aRE you wearing blue velvet?

  63. razmus augustsson says:

    fucking love this song

  64. Sara Shehu says:

    A <3

  65. Antonio Grozdanoski says:

    then you’re gay….sorry

  66. armin38822 says:

    did she came from 1961 ?

  67. queendillydally says:

    she is so classic, haunting and enchanting.. I need her to be my lady in waiting!

  68. EqualsDeath says:

    she’s ugly

  69. Alicja Szwichtenberg says:

  70. PrOFiT93 says:

    you’re right

  71. Lloyd Tapper says:

    no offense, but Bobby Vinton is better

  72. Nadia Małgorzata says:

    ♪ ¸. • * ❤

  73. 001HRVOJE says:

    Good thing,,,very,,,from Croatia ! )

  74. Attila Bodrogi says:

    Hogy néz lana a törpére 😀

  75. Orquidia Mayers says:

    do you know Lanas song velvet crowbar ? many people think this songs about asap rocky, check out the video here: watch?v=bS8LA5VHJqs

  76. Kali Weester says:

    I’m a man and i dont think so =s.

  77. Puru Johnson says:

    Lana Del Rey has it all, love her voice, love this song

  78. rc nc says:

    this vaguely reminds me of lynch

  79. TheSugarVenom says:

    I remember freaking out every time this commercial came on TV. I still freak out when I hear “Blue Jeans” on every Nespresso and car commercial! Haha

  80. TheSugarVenom says:

    She looks like she wants to kill that little guy at the end…

  81. fakundito182 says:

    si llegaste aca amor, espero q leas esto, te amo con toda mi alma y espero con muchas ancias y ganas el dia que decidas darnos una nueva oportunidad para ser felices juntos y llevarnos el mundo por delante y volver a ser uno. siempre te voy a amar nahuel german steneri!

  82. virgorouge says:

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  83. virgorouge says:

    Go look at my videos. I am not jealous. I like her voice and some of her music but I don’t like the looks obsession and the look of being self-obsessed and looks obsessed. She is only human. Lots of girls are pretty out there. Look around. Lots of people are talented, more than you know.

  84. istgutja34 says:

    Must be hard to articulate properly with all that collagen in the way.

  85. ghostofdayinperson says:

    There is clearly collagen in her lips. I know what the fuck I’m talking about.

  86. TheIsojukka says:

    She have unbelievable voice…

  87. Moth Mama says:

    No, but the video is a lot like the movie, Blue Velvet. It’s definitely his aesthetic.

  88. virgorouge says:

    I am a better musician, so are other unsigned musicians. Do you support unsigned musicians? Do you realize that they are sometimes better in many ways? I think we need to boycott the meglamanics, smug, and narcissistic people in that music industry. They think that they are God’s gift. They are so smug it makes me feel sick. Thanks.