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Watch our exclusive backstage video at Fendi Fall 2012 with designer Karl Lagerfeld, Silvia Fendi and top models Natasha Poly, Magdelena Frackowiak, makeup artist Peter Philips and hair stylist Sam McKnight. Fendi’s Fall 2012 collection is exploding with colorful fur, inspired by wild orchids. The hot new accessory in this collection is Fendi’s new iPad case.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld has always been at the forefront of fashion and has passion for technology with an impressive collection of iPhones and iPads. In this exclusive video he shows me how he uses his iPad to sketch all his collections and gives us his take on fashion in the digital age.

The beauty look of Fendi’s Fall 2012 collection has a dark, northern Victorian feel about it. Sam McKnight gave the models small tight braids and makeup artist Peter Philips kept the focus on the eyes with a feathered out white chalky eyeshadow that he feathered out on the eye.  Watch the Fendi Fall 2012 Fashion show video here now.

CREDITS: Produced & Directed by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director. Cameraman: Giovanni Sicignano.  A production of MODTV Fashion Video NetworkPhoto Credit: Robert Fairer ©


Karen Morrison is an award-winning digital video storyteller at the forefront of fashion and beauty content creation. She produces the MODTV Fashion Video Podcast the top ranked fashion podcast at iTunes and was named "Best Fashion Podcast" by British Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. A contributor at Conde Nast, Karen produced the Allure Backstage beauty series and creates brand content for some of the world's most powerful luxury brands. Follow Karen on Twitter, Instagram and Google+


  1. chrisbrazy10 says:

    Magdalena & Natasha are like twins.

  2. Zeta Kappusheva says:
  3. Carducci1959 says:

    Only a seriously braindead scumbag would ever wear fur. Lagerfeld’s an absolute old arsehole and murderer like all those bitches at fendi he works for!

  4. floddelflidflad says:

    because she´s a little rabbit from a disney movie^^ …i love karl

  5. megayume says:

    hate the old cunt for using real fur ! love Natasha because she’s one fierce bitch <3

  6. Nisatu27 says:

    Agreed. Ugh.

  7. daulton gordon says:


  8. 瑞欣 张 says:

    love love love

  9. OhhCathy says:

    does anyone know the songs? all of them?

  10. OhhCathy says:

    lol @ when karl got out his ipad. hahah love this man

  11. @aVg says:

    Karl #Lagerfeld on #Fendi Fall 2012, #iPads and #Digital #Fashion via @MODTV

  12. Go backstage at Fendi Fall 2o12 and get the gorgeous beauty look by Sam McKnight @sammcknight1 and Peter Philips @MODTV

  13. nmfirelover says:

    Beautiful! But seriously….real fur??!! I just don’t get it 🙁

  14. mynameismargy says:

    seriously love your videos, please keep them coming!

  15. Karl Lagerfeld on Fendi Fall 2012, iPads and Digital Fashion

  16. Alma Rebecca Yanez says:
  17. Designer FashionStylist says:

    Fendi Backstage.
    Hair looks fantastic.
    Natasha Poly looks amazing.
    Catwalk show collection.
    Karl Lagerfeld designer.

  18. Designer FashionStylist says:

    Fendi Backstage.
    Hair looks fantastic.
    Natasha Poly looks amazing.
    Catwalk show collection.
    Karl Lagerfeld designer.

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