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Enter the enchanting, beautiful world of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld and go backstage at the Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013 Collection in Paris. Featuring top models Cara Delevingne and Lindsay Wixson. Hair by Sam McKnight and makeup by Chanel Creative Makeup director Peter Philips. Fashion video by Chanel.


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  1. Rainelle Love says:


  2. jacque883 says:

    Absolutely beautiful collection!!

  3. CARMEN ADAN says:

    very nice !

  4. Barbara Bradley says:

    Downright beautiful…

  5. kim alric says:

    ashleigh <3

  6. freezzertime says:

    I could use one of those dresses as a wedding dress.

  7. maor929881 says:


  8. maor929881 says:

    Me gusto

  9. Brigitte Plattner says:

    Art but not Coco Chanel.

  10. LoverGothicGaaraKai says:

    it is his best work ever!

  11. Allison C. Lopez says:

    Wixon babe.

  12. Vittoria Gallacci says:

    This is magical.

  13. StilettosAndSkin says:

    I’m so mesmerized by this show.

  14. Geeta Rao says:

    love peter philips and his make up magic

  15. MakeupBySona says:


  16. longisthenight says:

    Yumi ♥

  17. gabriela cruz says:


  18. MrKillerKisame says:

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  19. RT @MODTV: #Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013 Backstage: Enter the enchanting, beautiful… @MODTV

  20. #Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013 Backstage: Enter the enchanting, beautiful… @MODTV

  21. Aidan Keogh says:

    shot and edited so beautifully (music is great to)…… ever need an assistant on a shoot in australia I would happily volunteer

  22. Jose Martinez Jr says:

    ART is beauitful

  23. LaChanelphile says:

    The level of detail in the couture collections is incredible. I love getting a glimpse of the behind the scenes action. Splendid!

  24. frankehanna says:

    This is like the black swan disaster! They must be cold and why kids in a show???

  25. Honey Rider says:

    everything about this show is splendid and the music is killing me, I love it soo much

  26. Thomas Williams says:

    This the most beautiful I’ve ever seen Chanel and who is the music by?

  27. miguelmatosescultor says:

    I Love …A Dark Romantic Dream….CHANEL – karl lagerfeld

  28. leoclothes says:

    Lindsey Wixson !! such an angel!

  29. missdfj says:

    OMG the clothes and the models are so ethereal ♥♥♥ if only I had a pinch of their grace and elegance :(

  30. maria rocha says:


  31. TheRunaway786 says:

    you’re welcome :)

  32. Greer Linsday says:

    The music <3

  33. julios24 says:

    Can see the smile of Coco Chanel, so proud of her house ! That misterious world of Chanel…

  34. zincink says:

    fashion forest of magic lace


    backstage pokazu CHANEL Haute Couture Wiosna/Lato 2013!

  36. 888ThomtheArtist888 says:

    Seeing the eye makeup up close is completely different from the way it appeared far away in the show. Much more beautiful up close. I LOVE looking at Chanel clothing in detail to marvel at the beautiful materials and craftsmanship.

  37. isadv3 says:

    I’ve seen the complete thing it’s so beautiful!! and I’m in love with the make-up!!

  38. Anxela158 says:


  39. emflowence says:

    thank you!

  40. noeenmimundo94 says:

    Preciosos maquillaje. Muy elegante

  41. RoyalOakSZ says:

    How can one person have so much creative juice…OH silly me he is not a person he is a god <3

  42. carlos sandoval says:

    romantic elegance and magic backstage chanel

  43. rollership says:


  44. TheRunaway786 says:

    Arizona Muse

  45. AustJames Currier says:

    Elegance, plain and simple.

  46. CHANEL says:

    Enchanted Interlude: Behind the scenes at the Spring-Summer 2013 Haute
    Couture show.
    More on

  47. emflowence says:

    someone know who is the model at 1:05 please?

  48. Aydrey Narwa says:

    I love the makeup they put on the eyes!

  49. Cora Gabriela says:

    Tão lindo, tão mágico. Amo tanto Chanel, nunca me decepciono com nenhuma
    coleção! ♥

  50. Qs_Pung says:

    when i am listening this song , i just imagine me in a fairy tale story or
    a dream story … fascinating !!

  51. Neeil Bhatia says:

    Love the makeup

  52. Nathan Davidson says:


  53. lily randall says:

    FASHION ORGASM !!!!!!!!!!

  54. xxfuckxyouxbitchxx says:


  55. ClaudiaMSutton says:

    This is just splendid. The hair and makeup is so beautiful in this show. <3

  56. D3tmanamaps says:

    I <3 this show! :D

  57. nelohagen says:

    absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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