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Cara Delevingne guest stars on Jourdan Dunn’s online cooking show Well Done With Jourdan Dunn which launched it’s second series this week on YouTube.   With Cara dressed in a purple onesie – she played sous chef to Dunn’s chef, and taught viewers how to make shrimp tempura.

Jourdan Dunn is really an accomplished cook, while Cara’s admits that “she’s never chopped in my life”. While shelling prawns, the pair discussed how they first met (on a cold Brighton beach), with Delevingne referring to her friend as “a guardian angel”, and Dunn referring to her pal as “her wifey”.

Well Done With Jourdan Dunn airs on the YouTube channel Life & Times, owned by Jay-Z. Watch the first episode of the new series below:


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  1. Gabriela M says:

    Cara should start a Youtube Channel,I’d totally subscribe.

  2. Vic Cho says:

    jourdan dunn is so pretty

  3. Vic Cho says:

    jourdan dunn is so pretty

  4. Stephanie Sy says:

    They’re so funny and adorable when they’re making those weird voices lol

  5. clint johnson says:

    this is the first time i actually paid attention to Cara Delevingne,i hear
    her name all the time and see her in magazine,i honestly expected her to
    snobby and i realized i’m dead wrong,she’s funny,beautiful and professional
    when its important.I could see why everyone is talking about her

  6. Princess Pretty says:

    I hope Jourdan doesn’t end up like Noami Campbell in 20 years time, single
    with no edges and no hairline : (


    Brown sugar is my secret ingredient to everything.

  8. Omar Aguirre says:

    She’s high as fuck

  9. moon mist says:

    *1 inch of ginger* correction.
    ps: Love this show

  10. Winter Fox says:

    Spike and Twilight Sparkle in the kiiitchen! Haha

  11. Celina Domina says:

    What about the mushrooms? Love these to babes anyway;)

  12. directioner styels says:

    chooping up the garlic with the ginger

  13. taseronify says:

    She is `different` because she is smart, talented and fun, not boring and
    dull like most of the other models. That’s why she is everywhere and earns
    much more than other models in the business.

  14. Msjewnicorns says:

    Cara must be so amazing to be around. I really understand why she is so
    wanted and she is everyone’s friend. She is brilliant !

  15. Benjamin Woo says:

    Was Cara weeded the whole time

  16. live1234561 says:

    Put on subtitles and go to 9:08

  17. Catarina Garrelhas says:
  18. Catarina Garrelhas says:
  19. portalplayer says:

    cara looks tiny next to ms Dunn.. yet they both look very skinny. Cara has
    a sickly appearance, splotchy face and hands. Dunn looks to be good healthy
    despite her thinness. I think Cara makes this episode more entertaining.
    She’s just plain funny and goofy.

  20. DEVO says:

    I love watching these two. they just seem so chill and natural around each

  21. DEVO says:

    I love watching these two. they just seem so chill and natural around each

  22. erin Zonkin says:

    But she’s hot

  23. erin Zonkin says:

    Caras gay.

  24. HelloImMrs Smith says:

    Jourdan is fucking perfect

  25. Julieta Lucía Perri says:

    Cara looked like she had chicken pox. She’s beautiful anyway

  26. Tyler Durden says:

    Tyler Durden approves this shit. Cara is insanely awesome.

  27. Mariana Cruz says:

    “I hate hot things in my mouth” Cara,omg you are crazy …… <3

  28. Nthabiseng Marule says:

    +Mayleen Mincher You might enjoy this!
    Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne on Well Dunn Season 2 Premiere – WELL DUNN
    With Jourdan Dunn

  29. Sierra Bee says:

    Cara eats anything she wants and she is a freaking tooth pick. I mean…

  30. SARA P says:

    Lol these beauties ..

  31. Wildo1988 says:

    I love Cara… A LOT. But she does have this nack for a fine line between
    looking like an A-Grade supermodel looking like a crack-whore haha

  32. umitsbillie says:

    how tall is cara?

  33. TheGoldenwolf522 says:

    I’m sorry I have to
    “Yeah that motion right there was real good babe. You’ve done this before
    haven’t you?” That’s… What… SHE SAAAAAAIIIIID!!!!

  34. IVY. DJ says:

    what is song at 0:21?

  35. Amanda Deng says:

    secret if being skinny. Two grown adults shares little foods. Not
    commenting on a negative way… This is how you loose weight america…
    portion control lol

  36. Dupp Dupp says:

    @bellarocksify How do you know that?! How?! You just think it, but you
    don’t know anything, so shut up. Not everything you think must be true.

  37. mrconman11 says:


  38. bellarocksify says:

    two “models” with eating disorder make cooking recommendations. that´s
    really whack.

  39. heba soliman says:

    so funny girls…….

  40. Rotarrius says:

    I’m in love

  41. Rotarrius says:

    JD is so amazing

  42. Amy Liu says:

    Her face when she said “fuck you” ….lol priceless

  43. SuperJozell says:

    Were they dating?!

  44. dandygirl6 says:

    they de-vein the prawns wrong

  45. Jacey Hewett says:

    I have a girl crush on cara but not in THAT kind of way

  46. Fleur de Groene says:

    Omg that onesie or whatever, I want that one 😮

  47. Fleur de Groene says:

    Omg that onesie or whatever, I want that one 😮

  48. Stephanie Hemmings says:

    jourdan has something writed on her hand! cheater!

  49. Laura R says:

    Cara’s entry was amazing haha

  50. Laura R says:

    Cara’s entry was amazing haha

  51. Kayla Biersack says:

    Cara kind of reminds me of Pensatucky

  52. Nelson A. Vega says:

    Damn they’re cute.

  53. NoirFilleChante says:

    I love their friendship.

  54. Yasmeen Minute says:

    Cara is so small aw I love you girls!!

  55. carpediemlove2live says:

    You can really see the chemistry between them it’s so clear they are really
    good friends it’s nice cause you stereotype models as being bitchy and rude
    but it’s nice to see these two being normal and fun loving

  56. amobymonkey says:

    That cara person looks like a druggie. Attention-seeking bitch

  57. lovekaah says:

    I see some red spot on her face ?? Haha she has chicken pork??

  58. Sedrick says:

    Oh my god, yes. Keep these coming.

  59. Sanu Olupitan says:

    dont models have to be a certain height

  60. David Siebolds says:

    Jourdan is incredible beautiful! And Cara is…yeah…Cara I suppose! <3

  61. InBigBlockWeTrust says:

    Cara’s face at 2:52 ^_^ .

  62. beautyfulfashionxoxo says:

    lovee caras attitude omg!! and by the way jourdan youuu look fuckin

  63. TealThistle says:

    “fresh root garlic”
    It’s ginger…

  64. koni4ever123 says:

    can someone tell me whats the song caras singing?

  65. michelle shanklin says:

    Lol the height difference is major

  66. michelle shanklin says:

    Lol the height difference is major

  67. sav0405 says:

    cara seems like a goofball, I want to be her friend

  68. Elaine Dee says:

    whats the red thingy at cara’s hand and face?

  69. Anbessa Anbessit says:

    cara is sooooooo fukin highhh omg hahahaha

  70. Tinuke Eboka says:

    Jourdan was like OKAAAYYYY!

  71. Jana S. says:

    What means “Screw you” ?

  72. Jana S. says:

    Cara is sooo funny <3 I loooooove her

  73. Kristen Pattinson says:

    What does Cara say after baging ?

  74. Sarah Lacerda says:


  75. ammi tious says:

    I love the word squirt haha

  76. Lisa Mulder says:

    9:34 what did she say here?
    9:57 and here??

  77. Jeniffer Lopez says:

    Jourdan is so skinny :)!

  78. Wolf Flow says:

    Whaat no hot things? What’s wrong with you Cara? 😀

  79. Grande Kylie says:

    “fuck you.. sorry FU uuuuh screw you” XD

  80. cupcakestar54 says:

    ahha love them both!

  81. Dina Mutia says:

    cara must have her own showww

  82. Notebook Lives says:

    LOLLLLLLL. “woo child!”
    they’re so funny.

  83. Sarah Manrique says:

    Hows the letter of that McDonalds song??

  84. ㅁㅁㅁ says:

    love cara! my babe

  85. theawkwardlywierdguy says:


  86. Kathy Singleton says:

    Lol I loved their little singing session

  87. dozedimples says:

    Cara: I hate hot things in my mouth
    Dunn: *bursts into laughter*
    Cara: ……..fuck you

  88. Naomi Prescott says:

    Cara speak like American but with British accent

  89. Kanyarat Kantama says:

    9.47 …… her face….. too cute >

  90. Samantha B says:

    I ship them sooo hard lol

  91. Tawny Wilson says:

    I feel like I’m watching Jourdan and Barney the dinosaur cook. A fit slim

  92. naiduk says:

    too cute

  93. jdr13430 says:

    I so ship them

  94. littledelrey31 says:

    07:51 isn’t that ginger?

  95. jwaacks says:

    I identify myself as cars-sexual.

  96. Terik17 says:

    I ship them

  97. Yara Ren says:

    “…. I soo thees li’ow wite gew rappin…” LOVE THE BRITISH ACCENT… and
    that sentence put together! Made me crap up!! 😀

  98. BBeau Sone says:
  99. Finn Human says:

    What song is this in the intro?

  100. sputnik77 says:

    where’s Jay z?

  101. Arab Marley says:

    Cara is just so different .. never been into these skinny FTV models but
    she’s so attractive in every way. she’s not too skinny like the rest either

  102. Meow Good says:
  103. MONET8iAM says:

    Cara is such a goof, I love herrr. I love the both of them together,
    they’re hilarious. I want to try this one day!

  104. JAY Z's Life+Times says:

    #CaraDelevingne is on the cover of #Vogue Brazil. Watch her and
    #JourdanDunn on #WellDunn :

  105. sahara mayerly says:

    what this is song in 8:08 and 3:09????????

  106. sahara mayerly says:

    what this is song in 8:08 and 3:09????????

  107. Mii Lake says:

    Lol Jordan is so degrading to cara, reminds me of old couples. Kitchen
    wench plus poor cara.

  108. Mii Lake says:

    Lol Jordan is so degrading to cara, reminds me of old couples. Kitchen
    wench plus poor cara.

  109. C. PeiYue says:

    Love them singing together! So cute so funny<333

  110. Puurcy says:

    I think they’re both perfect and also I love it when they call each other
    ‘babe’, idk, it’s just such a cute thing they do

  111. Julia Lucignoli says:

    jourdan <3

  112. Julia Lucignoli says:

    jourdan <3

  113. luca mozes says:

    Lol love the song when they were chopping made me laugh for forever lol

  114. Josh Porter says:

    Love them both

  115. Elana Pierre says:

    “What if you had kids?” “give them McDonald’s” Cara is the best mum

  116. Kapital SteeZ says:


  117. Kapital SteeZ says:


  118. RideMyTruck says:

    min 2:50 Cara dont need “wifey” skills, just look at her…beeeootch

  119. Amanda Pac says:

    my fave duo, these girls are hilarious, give them their own show.

  120. Myah B-H says:

    Both of these girls make me smile so much, I love them so much, they’re so
    down to earth and lovely wow

  121. Davinadance5678 says:

    I literally cry laughing at cara

  122. LauraAngelLike says:

    Season 3 please

  123. RestlessChildFlower says:

    Not trying to be mean, but I don’t think yall love her. I think yall just
    love the idea of her..

  124. Lucy Atkinson says:

    perhaps a separate bowl for the vegetable batter should of been used.

  125. Bernard and the Blog says:

    Cara’s the best

  126. ellena Iskandar says:

    Cara is me in the kitchen. Just goofing around pretending to do stuff. Love

  127. geb mir says:

    Super duper cute :3

  128. Lia Syahdan says:


  129. Ariadna Herrera says:

    What’s Cara wearing? Hahaha, I love her xx. <3

  130. Faiz Fenty says:

    Cara is annoying. Jourdan is queen though. Perfect.

  131. mary chic says:

    So Cara is supposed to be 177cm and Jourdan is 179cm….ok…

  132. hana kamal says:

    omg cooking with them would be so much funnn

  133. Felix Crab says:

    Never trust a skinny cook

  134. Arah Cabanas says:

    haha cara “Fuck you…sorry..F U.”

  135. irocallday24 says:

    I love them they are so silly and lovely <333. Goofy people are the best

  136. erika Harris says:

    “This is my wifey training!” lol Cara :)

  137. Melanie Warren says:

    dunn’s laugh is the best XD

  138. Le Mont Bennett says:

    +Mayleen Mincher You might enjoy this!
    Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne on Well Dunn Season 2 Premiere – WELL DUNN
    With Jourdan Dunn

  139. Rosalia Marçula says:

    she thought the garlic was an onion lmao cutie

  140. hoagie balls says:

    omg jourdans laugh hahhahaha

  141. Funsize SANDy says:

    I can watch this all Day cara is so perf❤

  142. mickums says:

    i love cara’s onesie. these two are like my brotp

  143. Krystal Delevingne says:

    Omg Cara I love you. xx

  144. muzicluver014 says:

    luv u guys! i have a girl crush on cara! luv her personality and style

  145. Lora Lego says:


  146. echoosa31 says:

    Pretty sure the vein aka the poopy is on the other side (the back/top side)
    of the shrimp. But watching you two cook was entertaining, so good job :)

  147. Phoebe Conanan says:

    hahaha Love Jourdan’s laugh :)

  148. MomoSuceDesOurs says:

    You guys are breaking cliches about models simply by showing your friendly
    and perhaps a bit corny (I.e. a supermodel in ridiculous PJs)
    personalities. I think its doing a lot of good to the fashion industry and
    to people in general by breaking the “I’m better than you because i have
    this” message marketing uses to sell things to people. Anyways, great
    video, <3 u Cara

  149. Ana Losada says:

    I love you Cara:)

  150. luvshortyk says:

    I really love these two!

  151. Kristina Adam says:

    someone has some monkeynotes ;D prettyyyy

  152. fatimaa2151 says:

    i feel like cara would be the best babysitter!

  153. melanie moreno says:

    Cara you are my queen

  154. ajandaly1 says:


  155. Florence Graber says:

    Cara is so natural and normal… No makeup and a onesi is so cool <3

  156. maclove012 says:

    My b-day.

  157. ranzuki101 says:

    Omg…..cara is me ..LMFAO!! XD her laugh is similar as mine too I just
    wish I was blessed with such beauty -.-

  158. bengalifob2 says:

    “… and I saw this little white girl rapping, and I was like OKAAY”!”

  159. sehli nxumalo says:

    jordan’s laugh :’)

  160. MareMidnight says:

    I guess its the recipe 😀

  161. banandababa says:

    3cm? are you for real right now? there is at least a 3 inch height gap
    between them when they are both wearing flats. Cara isn’t actually 5″10 as
    they say she is

  162. banandababa says:

    no she doesn’t, she wrote on her hand

  163. lila nuez says:

    Jourda is so tall, omg o-o lskajdkajslda love them.

  164. luana sevilha says:

    Cara is very funny!

  165. Alex Monroe says:

    She loves to whistle.

  166. C. PeiYue says:

    They looks like a couple

  167. marisol sanchez says:

    She has got scars.

  168. marisol sanchez says:

    0:59 What happend to Jourdan’s hand?

  169. jollie Park says:

    omg i love these two together.

  170. 420_SOMALI says:

    My future wifey taking cooking lessons!

  171. Alicia Cahill says:

    Cara didn’t eat any of the actual shrimp in the video, and I didn’t see Jourdan so I’m nervous to make this

  172. itsKMyadig says:

    I love them

  173. DaggerMan11 says:

    They’re banging

  174. TheEJaymes says:

    Don’t do drugs children!

  175. ekjasdevi says:

    They’re both so cuteeee

  176. LilyMasters AndFriendsX says:

    My two favourite models together.. With FOOD

  177. Priya Neupane says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re pimples man. She looks bangin’ anyway though! 😀

  178. 3choBlaster says:

    LOL Which one is Cara Delevingne.. she hosts Non Stop POP FM on GTA V lol ..

  179. Pac Man Insert Coin says:

    ” Don’t listen to her ! ” CARA loves hot things in her mouth, specially, if it’s BIG AND BLACK !

  180. dara99894 says:

    Hahah so funny cara

  181. Oaklvnd says:


  182. dara99894 says:


  183. Mai Witzmann says:

    cara is 173 cm tall and jourdan is 179 cm tall.

  184. Andus Lr says:

    Cara is actually like 5’7

  185. Farinamichelle says:

    i just watched a 10 minute recipe even though i hate shrimp

  186. satyakanth431 says:

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  187. Sierra Williams says:

    she has psoriasis

  188. ceescastle says:

    omg these two are just adorable!!!

  189. Amy Woy says:

    nah even when jourdan’s not got any heels on there’s a difference. i met cara and in our photo there is like a 3 to 4 inch difference at the most, and i’m only just 5ft4 but it says she’s 5ft10.

  190. JJ Hernández says:

    @dylandog You must have deeper issues than I can get into right now if you honestly think that way and take the time to watch this lovely lady’s show. Stop trying to make everyone else hate you as much as you hate yourself.

  191. xJeanasaur says:

    cara kinda looks like pest from attack the block

  192. michellemwaah says:

    @DylanDog all humans are animals and came from monkeys…idiot, that comment was just pointless…

  193. Dylan Dog says:

    When I saw Jordan at in a MONKEY cage at the London zoo I threw her a BANANA.

  194. Dylan Dog says:

    Jourdan is a BLACK MONKEY. Ugly unevolved animal with giant monkey lips who should be displayed at the London Zoo.

  195. Fer Soto says:

    cara had red dots in her face, why?

  196. KalidescopeKreations says:


  197. Sumaya Omar says:

    I ship it

  198. ThepinkxblueTo says:


  199. damefine22 says:

    I have only ever seen them in pictures, nice to get a glimpse of the real them. MC DONALDS MC DONALDS KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN AND A PIZZA HUT. haha

  200. chudy18 says:

    Seriously when i saw that Jordan i tried to throw her a sandwich.

  201. belfastboy16 says:

    she slouches

  202. HollyGolightly078 says:

    that’s because cara’s agency always lies about their models’ height ! she’s
    actually shorter than her ”official” height

  203. blondebomb13567 says:

    <3 them! xxx

  204. Connie Lee says:

    cara is only 173

  205. turnstyletouchbunny says:

    jourdans prob wearing heels and cara not?

  206. ParisLoves1d says:

    Jourdan is PERFECT OMG

  207. Mary Crawford says:

    Cara and Jordan — you girls are so fun to watch! Ignore all of these ridiculous negative comments; your both fantastic and comical! x

  208. Christina Vozza says:

    she has psoriasis

  209. Raquel Perez says:

    omg can i please sign up to be caras child so she can give me mcdonalds everyday omg where do i sign up

  210. Raquel Perez says:

    WHOA WTF CARAS ARM/WRIST AT 1:32 IS THAT A BURN OR A SCAR ouch it looks painful!

  211. A1995C says:

    Perhaps Jourdan is wearing 3-5 inch heels while Cara is possibly wearing converses or flats.

  212. choco milk says:

    That’s what I was thinking!

  213. hawaiilorenzo says:

    bwahahahaha thats totally me and my sisters cooking. :p

  214. Victoria M says:

    they are actually pretty nice ppl

  215. bluecandy says:

    High Heels..!

  216. Eb Price says:

    too skinny

  217. cristalem styles says:

    Hehe i lov when she said fuck you

  218. puppy poodle says:

    j probs wearing heels hehe

  219. Burberryboop says:

    Jordan Dunn is super stunning omg

  220. Karla Vargas says:

    7:31 that’s what she said

  221. georgia-m says:


  222. Kerry Babbit says:

    love you cara!!!!!!!! fooooor. ever. period.

  223. Paddy Gilman says:

    Cara you rock my left sock

  224. keke mohamed says:

    Cara: I don’t like hot things…in my mouth
    Jourdan: hahaha
    Cara: Fuck you

  225. Connie Lee says:

    I hate cooking but they made it like a fun thing,love them

  226. darxide30 says:

    8:52 i love the word quart :)

  227. darxide30 says:

    cara and jordan makes me hungry… the food looks good too.

  228. dinkweederer says:

    I’m sorry but as beautiful as Jourdan Dunn is……HOW FUCKING SCARILY SKINNY IS SHE?!?!! LOOK AT THOSE TWIGS! I MEAN ARMS?!

  229. Arianna Villa says:

    bam! bam! … ok bam!

  230. Pairis9073 says:

    hahaha, Cara is so adorable >.<

  231. Natalie Probstein says:

    I’ve met Cara in real life at Fashion Week she is always like this and it pisses everybody off. She’s also like 5’7

  232. Ann Rb says:


  233. jessica o e says:

    woah, tumblr fangirls over Cara lol

  234. ChocolateVanessaFan says:

    helloo i just found this video on yt xD
    i dont have to know her name

  235. Pritta Wibisono says:

    The chopping up the garlic, ginger, chilli was THE highlight

  236. NNG J says:

    cara : fuck u..sorry.. hahahahha

  237. CupCakeMakeUpx says:

    ‘the black girl’ LOL! how’re you watching her show and you dont even know her name 😛

  238. CrazyCaLiTurtle says:

    Best part EVER ! 3:07

  239. ChocolateVanessaFan says:

    omg the black girl is so beautiful!!!!!!!

  240. inasummerhaze says:

    I want them as my two best friends, they are literally perfect!!

  241. alan richardson says:

    highheels einstein. everyone does this. regas used to hike his chair higher than cathylee.

  242. sashthesunshine says:

    Cara just doesn’t give a F. I love them both.

  243. jumanji says:

    I hope they actually eat that food looks like they don’t actually eat it. something tells me they puke it up later

  244. jumanji says:

    Cara loooks like a boy …like a skinny zac effron

  245. Nunya Beeswax says:

    what did cara say?

  246. Lia-June n Sid says:

    10:03!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahhah

  247. Heechulkaulitz483 says:

    i dont even like cooking just like watch the video

  248. Oven Lobster says:


  249. infiniteecreativity says:

    i want friends like this omfg.

  250. ohmygodlaurel says:

    i think Jourdan’s wearing heels

  251. pandy2323 says:

    Cara doesn’t need to be high to act like this. This is just Cara, ladies and gentlemen. And we love her.

  252. Rosa Mcintosh says:

    She sure as hell is, lovin’ it, hahhahaha

  253. 영혜 김 says:

    What is the word that Jourden said? When she squeezed a lemon.

  254. nanami571 says:

    But the weird thing is that cara and jourdan’s height should only be about 3 cm difference but they look like they got a 10 cm gap

  255. nanami571 says:

    No…she is 5’09

  256. Sarahmikaella says:


  257. John Smith says:

    eating is not modern couture

  258. Rozmapoz says:

    Can I be besties with cara

  259. Sarahmikaella says:

    Cara is 5’0

  260. maybeidontwannago113 says:

    Cara thought the garlic was an onion….

  261. Zeynep Ayriksa says:

    Love u cara!!

  262. Sabrina Crae Lynn says:

    Lmao close your eyes and listen to it starting at 8:32-8:38.

  263. annaclo99 says:

    looks like jourdan has really long arms

  264. InkyByDay says:

    I am Cara.Cara is me.We is one…..lazy mofo in the kitchen >:)

  265. Godwin Gerard says:

    she looks like a scrony zac efron

  266. OpsIdidItagain100 says:

    They are beautiful and funny! I love their friendship,they seem so close!

  267. Nelly Do says:

    that’s why they’re so thin and I’m not. that level is too HIGH for me to reach it,I feel low

  268. CarynAmber says:

    Omg…both are absolute perfection

  269. BuutyBug says:

    Both so cute! I want Caras dino suit! X

  270. gymnasticsxxcheer says:

    Jk I think they are actually pimples

  271. gymnasticsxxcheer says:

    I think cara has the chicken pic

  272. ghsab muftah says:

    2:16 o_O

  273. E D Daly says:

    High? No. Just trying too hard.

  274. Aubre Becker says:

    Cara is so awesome and beautiful!!! So funny! Great and lovely spirited girl! Love her!

  275. Maurice Orth says:

    Cara is unique , just unique.

  276. sisi erra says:

    “i mean, you’ve got a perfect figure shrimp, you dont need to work on a thing” XD

  277. theyoo27 says:

    Jourdan’s laugh! love it

  278. Yuvy3by says:

    cara:” i hate hot things in my mouth” lol

  279. Christine Yang says:

    That smile at 0:16

  280. bakaXO says:

    They are both so perfect.

  281. Ahsan B.C Sherringtion says:

    The innuendoes that I get from these videos are ridiculous.

  282. MELISSA CARERRA says:


  283. AGoodThing2Do says:


  284. Christina Adamiec says:


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    ooh child

  287. pample mousse says:

    yeah, most fashion models do

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  290. Lily Brammer says:

    Cara isn’t short dipshit she’s 5’10

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    Caras personality is amazing

  299. mad3withl0v3 says:

    I beg to differ

  300. ok okokok says:

    These girls are so dull, no personality whatsoever. Jourdan is a beauty. The other one doesn’t look like a model. Very short and very plain. The only thing remotely interesting about her is her eyebrows which they clearly make bolder in shoots. Completely forgettable. Miss the days of Naomi and Kate.

  301. annatata1234 says:

    do you ever cook any real food..not those food with less than 100

  302. luluzatorres torres says:

    love them! they are so beutiful and hilarious

  303. luluzatorres torres says:

    what she says at 9:39? please

  304. IntranetThug says:

    That’s because people are idiots. I’m glad that most of those comments are too far down to be seen. I personally prefer Jourdan, but both girls are pretty and charming! Some people are woefully ignorant, it seems.

  305. Tina Salmon says:

    I like Cara,she’s a great personality, cute and interesting. But i’ve noticed a subtle racism on Jourdans video’s. On every single one of Jourdan’s video’s her looks are blatantly discounted by the vast majority of youtube commenters because of the colour of her skin.

  306. IntranetThug says:

    If you look closely, you’ll see that you two are saying the same thing…

  307. sgormany says:

    I’m not used to spice but its bangin, OOOHHH CHILD!

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    Cara is per-fect.

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  317. msnimrod86 says:


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    if you stare at Cara for a few seconds and then look at Jourdan you’re like “wow, SHE is truly beautiful”
    sorry, no hate here 😉

  323. k b says:

    If Jordan Dunn is 5’10” and Cara is listed as 5’9″…someone’s compcard is LYINGGGGG

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    jordan’s annoying

  326. Pj Ebadi says:

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  328. leolanae says:

    B-Side by Wale.

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    Where is this wonderful Cara Pajama from ????
    I love him so much :)

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    You’ve met her family!

  332. Leah Thompson says:

    I love you cara

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    just shows how much photoshop and makeup these models use. i’m not saying she’s ugly, but here without makeup or photoshop she isn’t that attractive you wouldn’t think she’s a supermodel

  334. David Asael Rangel Nieto says:

    i really love CARA <3 SO GORGEOUS c:

  335. oliveoil2304 says:

    bside by wale a british designer :)

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    Does anyone know where Jourdan’s top with the ‘British’ writing is from?

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    The title has a lot of Dun

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    I wish I was as skinny as them they’re so perfect xx

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    Cara is a rad bitch no one can hate on her cause shes just herself

  350. River Cartier says:

    Isn’t cara like a big deal in London, she looks like a drug addict.

  351. charlotte474 says:

    I actually think theyre both a bit annoying

  352. Karotsy says:

    Do more videos with Cara:) Both of you are great together.

  353. ayoxoxocassie says:

    Jourdan and Cara are fucking hilarious

  354. Nina A says:

    how can they eat like mcdonald’s, pizza and whatnot and be THIS skinny like how

  355. RihVEVO says:

    red spots on cara are because of drugs? seriously? they’re fucking pimples

  356. ScreamSophieDarling says:

    I LOVE how you can see Cara imperfections! Just shows how models CAN show their flaws!

  357. johthon1 says:

    whats with all the red spots on cara? something to do with drugs or something something?

  358. StaminatorBlader says:

    i am weirdly very attracted to cara

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    she has psoriasis! i was curious so i googled it.

  361. fashionfashionguru says:

    this is the greatest thing omg

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    Was that really supposed to say an inch of garlic?

  363. Karotsy says:

    This was so fun to watch make more videos like this together

  364. djtopmodel says:

    Did she write the recipe on her hand? 😀

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    i really love how cars has not much or probably no makeup on.

  377. Tony Blackrhino says:


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    My mom has the same thing that cara has

  383. milanohcookies says:

    Cara are you high?

  384. Bisma Shah says:

    Cara is diagnosed with psoriasis.

  385. Emily Soria says:

    What happened to Cara?.. why she had hives in her face and arms?

  386. areaves20 says:

    i just really want to see these outtakes …

  387. himawari super says:

    I like 8:08. haha

  388. Thooenepe says:

    omg, I think it’s awesome, where did you get it from? 0:

  389. Rhiarna Harris says:


  390. kenikki says:

    The shrimp poop is on the other side! They ate the shrimp poop. lmao…

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  396. Oohlaful says:

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    she has psoriasis

  400. Melissa Topuz says:


  401. Melissa Topuz says:

    1;32 what does she have one her arms?

  402. livinlavidaloba says:

    wheres the british tshirt from?

  403. shoepergirl says:

    Other than the fact that that is not prawn tempura I enjoyed the video

  404. lucia urrutia ugarte says:

    your…… mum

  405. micahhloveeify says:

    Cara ♡

  406. Oohlaful says:

    Jourdan is so poised and polished love her! I loved Cara at first but now she is starting to get irritating..

  407. frozendolls says:

    who allowed this obnoxious child in

  408. Melanie Hellkvist says:

    Has anyone else noticed jourdan’s cute laugh?

  409. nmjoyce243 says:

    Looove jourdaaan♥♥, they are too funny :) when they sing:” Mc Donald, Mc Donald!!! Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza hut and pizza hut and pizza hut.

  410. TheGreenBlack1 says:

    lol Cara’s like a kid watching mama cooking hilarous

  411. audreyyahhh says:

    maybe this video should ne more about jourdan than cara??;)

  412. eva shelbourne smyth says:

    I just came here for Cara :)

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    Hope Cara makes more appearances!!!!!!!

  414. Fay Nutschka says:

    you two are the best! <33

  415. Cristiano Ronaldo says:

    Hahah :)

  416. Natasha E says:

    Cara be my mum!

  417. lisa lopes says:

    I love you jourdan

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  421. HausOfKath says:

    Mcdonalds! Mcdonalds! :DD 3:09 Love that part. :))

  422. fifteenfebruary says:

    Is Cara drunk???

  423. Kiran Bhatt says:

    anyone else think she looks like a boy? with a grown mans eyebrows?

  424. Nadja R says:

    Hahahah oooooo child lmao

  425. Alex Gerona says:

    Cara and Jourdan are perfect!

  426. Cecilia Aciole says:

    ” i hate hard things in my mouth ” loool omfg

  427. Cecilia Aciole says:

    as far as i know, cara is rita ora’s wifey and then she call herself a wifey because she is rita’s.. idk lol i guess

  428. Aynura Heydarova says:

    why Cara call herself a wifey? tell me people:)

  429. Felice T says:

    Jourdan’s laugh!

  430. 911alicecullen says:

    I want cara to be my wifey

  431. lola babette says:

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh child 9:
    39 jajajaja

  432. Emile Heskey says:

    so cringey man

  433. Pastelle09 says:

    I’ve watched this like 20 times and still don’t know how to make shrimp tempura cuz I always burst out laughing because of Cara.

  434. chantel13cj says:

    cara loves mcdonalds omfg

  435. Brenda Melgoza says:

    😀 i like the rapping. I’d buy their CD

  436. Woodsiy says:

    “You got a perfect figure shrimp, you don’t need to worry about anything.” LOL

  437. Lizzy Morris says:

    This is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  438. Randall ktj says:


  439. brattur98 says:

    Oh poor thing :/

  440. kidrauhlsyg says:

    they only eat vegetables lol

  441. so nice says:

    this two need to be my friends right now

  442. WaterfordFarmCA says:

    i want cara’s onesie omggg

  443. InvisebleDork says:

    i can’t these 2 are too perfect together

  444. caerulea0 says:

    Cara can’t be arsed

  445. Boaz Stroobach says:

    Wait what was that sound? 2:12

  446. MrLaurettagirl says:

    I hate all the hot things in my mouth………..

  447. Love Delena says:

    Aww caraaa<333

  448. naybabyyx3 says:

    My day just got 100x better

  449. johnsonzachary94 says:

    Cara can be my wife

  450. chantelle normoyle says:

    i only watch this video because of cara <3

  451. Lucia Jules says:

    “I’ve got a Shoe Ceff” lol

  452. Lovely5646 says:

    She only ate the brocolli….

  453. MrAmericanful says:


  454. Natasha E says:

    i hope cara is in more videos!

  455. DoobyDoo0 says:

    i love how jourdan calls cara ‘babe’ all the time

  456. Janeth Ortiz says:


  457. Janeth Ortiz says:

    8:16 <3

  458. LRissa19 says:

    Wow I like Cara’s personality I never would have guessed she’d be like that in a million years! Cool.

  459. Pastelle09 says:

    cara be my wifey

  460. analuisadominguez1 says:

    Who? You?….

  461. lilserbogirl4eva says:


  462. pawsofanowl says:


  463. hid eomi says:


  464. BritishArmyPfc says:

    Yeah that’s why she’s a supermodel and you’re not.

  465. Esse2321 says:

    I love them omg

  466. Cara Delevingne Stars on Jourdan Dunn Cooking Show: Cara Delevingne guest stars on… @MODTV

  467. Sade Salami says:

    Love these chicks! #modelsofthemoment

  468. JAY Z's Life+Times says:

    On the season two premiere of Well Dunn with +Jourdan Dunn, +Cara Delevingne
    visits the Well Dunn kitchen to play sous chef.

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