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#TBT Watch our exclusive backstage beauty video with beauty insider Pat McGrath, considered the most influential makeup artist in the world.  This behind the scenes film was shot with Pat McGrath at Spring 2009 fashion week where she created beauty looks for over 27 major shows including Prada, John Galliano, Christian Dior, Gucci, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney.

Pat is currently Global Cosmetics Creative Design Director for Procter and Gamble behind some of the world’s most glamorous and powerful make up brand names including Max Factor and CoverGirl. Her visionary looks are a favorite of the world’s top designers, models and celebrities.

Here’s our exclusive look at Pat McGrath in action backstage as she travels from New York, Milan and Paris and find out what inspires her and why all the top models love her. Featuring interviews with Lily Donaldson, Raquel Zimmerman, Chanel Iman, and designers John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, Alber Elbaz. Stella McCartney and Olivier Theyskens.

Reported and directed by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director. A production of MODTV Fashion Video Network. Videographers: Sebastien Goyer, Giovanni Sicignano and Karen Morrison.


Karen Morrison is an award-winning executive producer, director and multimedia journalist at the forefront of fashion and beauty content creation for digital platforms and broadcast television. Follow Karen on Twitter @MODTV or on Google+


  1. stephanie wright says:

    Her makeup is flawless love her.

  2. H. Rose says:

    Oh God, I hope I can be a makeup artist like Pat someday..

  3. TheSamanthajuicy says:

    Wonderful xx

  4. luckycat3 says:

    Such an amazing woman. Can’t get enough Pat. LOVE.

  5. torresjessica626 says:

    I love you words for your talent.simply the best thank you for sharing your vision.

  6. krazykay J says:

    this makes me wish i was a model

  7. Debonairis H says:

    Pat McGrath you are absolutely fabulous. You have such vision….you are an inspiration. I love makeup, fashion, advertising and pure talent. I am a Covergirl merchandiser and you inspire me. You are a sweetheart…..what a moving profile, in the day and the life of adventure with Auntie Pat.

  8. ComboMealGB says:

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  9. Sonia Nedjar says:

    One of my most favourite artists in fashion makeup pat McGrath. A little
    inspiration for you all.

  10. forcemajeur08 says:

    1st: Breathe by Telepopmusik
    2nd: Pjanoo by Eric Prydz
    3rd: Ercola vs Heikiki- Deep at night
    4th: Ercola – Every word

    Don’t know the last one sorry!

    Lily and Raquel love them!!

  11. James Clark says:

    One of my most favourite artists in fashion makeup pat McGrath. A little
    inspiration for you all.

  12. PowerfulMindsofWomen says:

    I’ve seen quite a few fashion shows over the years, and I can tell you that no one translates a designer’s collection on the catwalk better than Pat McGrath. If designers want it done, they hire anyone. If designers want it done with soul, love, and with amplified imagination, they call Pat McGrath. I only wish that she had an official website loaded with more tutorials for looks that everyone can create for day and for work, not just for the catwalks. The Facebook page doesn’t show much.

  13. McFarlane K says:

    Pat is one of my favorite artists tbh. She’s like the Monet of make-up art

  14. siggi451 says:

    @ljbulld sure is right. nobody can believe about this quickly. but i can tell you one thing, when i was not in house my mom received the beauty kit from maybelline for no bucks. i got it from here. you can also try it >>

  15. crazynamegirl says:

    Great skills!!

  16. Stephen Dimmick says:

    She’s the nastiest girl in the business. Just vile.

  17. Julia Coquard says:

    Did anyone else notice how they always showed Natasha on the runway followed by Lily? Every time!

    I love Pat, she’s a true artist and she’s able to create a masterpiece out of everything she touch! It’s truly amazing and inspiring.

  18. ProvocatuerBarbie25 says:

    I love her, I didn’t want this video to end! You can feel the passion she has for what she does and its wonderful. She has endless imagination!

  19. SoFreshSoClean81 says:

    I adore Pat McGrath, she is very good at her art, but i also must pay tribute to many others, as in reference to make-up artist that are just as good as well, Scott barenes, Lisa Eldrige, Charlotte Tillbury, Kevyn Aucion, to many to list but she is up there with the best Love ya Pat!

  20. arielnaif says:

    Who’s the girl next Natasha Poly at 1:19?

  21. Matt Larkin says:

    natasha poly! the best!

  22. urbonman6 says:

    Here’s another great video!


  23. readybear75219 says:

    She’s a genius. Period.

  24. lisa james says:

    Beautiful! Can someone please tell me the name of the song at around 5 mins?

  25. JenseninBrizo2012 says:

    love how lily says she’s like a mother

  26. interbeautyblog says:

    Magdalena Frackowiak, Polish model.

  27. ravenhaired20 says:

    who’s the model at 3:13?

  28. aymonegirl says:

    She is awesome

  29. BisZumLetztenAtemzug says:

    Does anyone know the music they have used in this video? I love EVERY SINGLE ONE. :)

  30. 933roastduck says:

    the last catchy song should be @9.43 is Stellar Project – Get Up Stand Up

  31. Dorian Vanity says:

    loves it.

  32. thisizme82 says:


  33. Karen Morrison says:

    Get to know makeup artist Pat McGrath and go backstage with her from every
    top show from Prada to Dior.

  34. LadyGlamazelle says:

    Love her!!!!

  35. LvCrochet says:

    Her comments 5;51 – 6;04 answered all questins I would ask her – she is great! (Pat)

  36. ElentariRose says:

    She didn’t, I heard

  37. chinalee1010 says:

    love them both

  38. cellariusianua says:

    omg what show is that @ 3:06?? can someone tell me?

  39. ashlimaze says:

    how come the real makeup artist (not the youtube ones) don’t wear makeup when their at shoots?

  40. Mr Fashion says:

    Such a pro.

  41. Natural Beauty says:

    Those are great looks! She must be a lovely woman because everybody loves her.

  42. Arnel Stinson says:

    A true Genuis…and an artiste…anyone knows where did Pat go for a make up school?…or if she has one?

  43. vanitasxx says:

    AUNTY PAT <3

  44. FeminineDee says:

    WOW Pat McGrath does great make-up for the models. And she’s an amazing MAKE-UP ARTIST! She has some creative ideas and looks that she produces to bring something within the shows.

  45. emma229422 says:

    What are the things on the model’s forhead at 7:44?

  46. Creativinity7 says:

    Ahahahaha 0:52.

  47. Creativinity7 says:

    Ahahahaha 0:52

  48. iwanttobeaforrester says:

    OMG i love her

  49. Dharane0902 says:

    What an amazing life she has! Travel to New York, Paris, Milan, Japan, Madrid, London every single year and become best friends with designers, while making the most beautiful women in the world look their very best. Her world is way more inspiring than the average person’s. Oh, and she gets paid great money to do it :) She’s a lovely person as well…truly amazing :)

  50. rocco ingria says:

    Pat McGrath is the most influential makeup artist in the world and in one
    fashion season does over 27 major shows from Dior to Gucci. Here’s our
    exclusive look at Pat in action backstage and find out why all the top
    models and designers love her. Featuring Lily Donaldson, Chanel Iman,
    Raquel Zimmerman, Julia Stegner, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, John
    Galliano, Alber Elbaz and Olivier Theyskens.

    +rosy alai

  51. greatworld1979 says:

    Julia Stegner has such a pretty face..i´m so happy to see on Maybelline Ad…esspecially the latest Ad…Julia looks amazing !

  52. SandraLondon63 says:

    @DarianParkerStudio breathe, telepopmusic watch?v=G4yzijj1Dqg

  53. semenguzzler94 says:

    such an inspiration!

  54. Ellie Darrego says:

    @tarotg69 im not a 100% sure but i can guess her hair is not like that
    because of her race. + she said on an interview her hair is a bit
    difficult. she takes a care of it a lot

  55. Ellie Darrego says:

    chanel has her hair relaxed doesn’t she? her hair is not stright

  56. gemifredricko says:


  57. kevalenoxx says:

    1. Telepopmusik-breathe 2. Eric Prydz-Pjanoo 3. Ercola vs Heikiki- Deep at
    night 4. Ercola-Every word 5. Robyn-Dream on

  58. Footsie Smith says:

    pat is so def underrated!!!! this lady is queen of the world to me lol!!!
    gotta love her <3

  59. jcdelsante says:

    Love when she says “Little bit more blush…” at 0.26 So chic!!

  60. XxxxxCluelessxxxxX says:

    @issahedison “and i ruv her” A cute way of saying I love her. Lily is just
    too cute!

  61. BiBiDottie says:

    omg what is the name of the song starting @ 0:12 I love it !!!!!!!

  62. allthislove02 says:

    i love the look for prada,she’s simply the best

  63. Silver Kent says:

    wow they are so beautiful…Pat is so awesome! …i feel pretty when i
    watch this ;)

  64. ssmandco says:

    song of 6:13

  65. mybelladream says:

    What I would do for a makeup lesson from Pat…. GENIUS!

  66. ahmed chami says:

    i love her so much , such a great artist , dream 2 be on her team , pat u
    are my hero , lots of love xxxxxxxx

  67. Evlyy says:

    Wow !! such an inspiration !! I didn’t know about Pat McGrath so thanks for
    the video the music was sooo annoying though. She’s amazing as a make up
    artist and she seems to have a bright personnality. Definately love that

  68. BloomCasey says:

    luve her work

  69. captcharly says:

    Beautiful !!!!!!!!!! Lily so cute as always ! <3

  70. munkie2202 says:

    Fantastic. :)

  71. Unavoidable2569 says:

    I love Pat. She’s the best.

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