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Anthony Vaccarello is the hot young designer that everyone is talking about at Paris fashion week. One step backstage at Anthony Vaccarello’s Spring 2013 fashion show and you can understand why. It’s buzzing full of excitement and energy because every top model in the world has come here to walk in the show.

Backstage top models Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Constance Jablonski and Arizona Muse admit they are here for one reason because they adore Anthony Vaccarello, “we’re the next generation and he is the next generation“. The girls all love Vaccarello’s sexy body-con dresses and his cool urban style.

Anthony Vaccarello’s woman is confident, sexy and strong. Tom Pecheux, Estee Lauder Creative Makeup Director  kept the focus on the eyes and used a turquoise blue liner by Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay-on Shadow Paints in Sinister and Steel (comes out January 2013). He added Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara black and brown mascara on the top and bottom lashes for extra effect.  The look was gorgeous, natural and so desirable – just like Anthony Vacarello’s collection.

Backstage hairstylist Anthony Turner said he was inspired by French girls,  “it’s very Vogue Paris“.   Simple, sexy, and very cool. Exactly the way every girl dreams about looking. For more info and stocklists visit  Buy the track from the show  ‘Au Seve’ by Julio Bashmore  at iTunes.

Reported and produced by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Video Network.


Karen Morrison is an award-winning executive producer, director and multimedia journalist at the forefront of fashion and beauty content creation for digital platforms and broadcast television. Follow Karen on Twitter @MODTV or on Google+


  1. anky phamdang says:

    what song

  2. Layla Moore says:

    Jourdan Dunn you absolute beauty

  3. Ma. Isabel Argueta Mosquera says:

    what’s the name of the girl on min 2:00?

  4. Jennifer Lee says:

    1:44 OH WOW that girls skin is perfect

  5. Abimbola Tola says:

    Come si intitola la canzone che c era nel sottofondonche d solito usano
    prima di mostrare i backstage , proprio all inizio qnd c era la schermata
    blu cn scritto MOD TV ! GRAZIE IN ANTICIPO

  6. jubbajoo says:

    karlie yea kara no

  7. John Law says:

    Jourdan Dunn + Cara Delevigne + Karlie Kloss = THE HOLY TRINITY OF 21ST

  8. Ensar Jusufi says:

    Karliee <3

  9. bobthebonboncat says:

    loved these dresses sooo much

  10. natural91LC says:

    they all have amazing skin T.T

  11. Sasha Manard says:

    Karlie’s walk is amazing

  12. ally smyth says:

    I like cara but i dont like her walk

  13. niki12345 says:

    Gorgeous n Sexayy Collection !! Love the dress on 5.20 .

  14. Matthew Singh-Dosanjh says:

    “I mean, they were born to be models because of their faces, propotions etc. Just like there r people that were born to be artits, doctors, musicians etc”

    Are you seriously suggesting it takes the same skill, talent and dedication to be a model as it does to be a doctor, artist, writer etc?

    You said it yourself; models are born the way they are, and someone just decides they’re a model. Hardly the same as a doctor, artist etc. I’ve yet to be told exactly what talent a model possess.

  15. venezuelashreds says:

    There is nothing to explain. Its just a business. And models r part of that business. I mean, they were born to be models because of their faces, propotions etc. Just like there r people that were born to be artits, doctors, musicians etc.

    Being a model its not only about being good looking but it goes further. U gotta have a nice personality and add something new or something special to the industry

  16. Matthew Singh-Dosanjh says:

    Could someone please explain the point/purpose of the modelling world or/and the basic notion/concept of it? It appears to wholly frivolous and self-parodying.

  17. Ann Rb says:

    cara delavinge reminds me of coco from i blame coco ….and she is very tomboish too jeje

  18. danyldo osuna says:

    nice song

  19. WOMENPLAYGAMES pl says:

    Cara Delevingne <3

  20. 2012hale94 says:

    Constance has such a one of a king beauty.

  21. Meng Lee says:

    yeah beautiful

  22. katgold6508 says:

    this was my fav season of anthony vaccarello! its so sexy!

  23. Sof Corts says:

    1:24 her eyebrows omfg

  24. dopestephy says:

    2:07 she’s cute

  25. MrFireboyFTW says:

    damn just wiki’d her. and she is 22 with a kid and her baby father is in jail for dealing cocaine.. smh even the successful black women stay losing….

  26. M. Trimmy says:

    Yeah, this is true.

  27. MrModelboy45 says:

    I agree somewhat, but she can work the hell out of the runway. Gotta admit that.

  28. TheMissscorpio20 says:

    Powerpuff girls lol

  29. Mild Hiccup says:

    i feel like they were struggling with their hair blowing over their faces..

  30. Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2013 Top Models Backstage: Anthony Vaccarello is the hot young designer that everyone…

  31. alinacosmos says:


  32. gellethecat . says:

    they’re all so gorgeousssssss

  33. elisathetalkinghuman says:

    I love this because I’m French, makes me so happy!!

  34. cordofcare says:

    i really can’t believe you just said that. i am actually so desperate for you

  35. BeatleLoverification says:

    I love this mans work his cloths are edgy yet sleek and clean, and I love Karlie Kloss she’s one of my favorite models:)

  36. Hannibal King says:

    whats the song called at the very beginning of the vid??

  37. ivanito61 says:

    5:13 amazing dress !

  38. Aixelsid1 says:

    It’s always kinda funny how the make up artists are describing the make up in such an anthuziastic way like it’s gonna be something we haven’t seen before, when in fact it almost always look the same, no offence of course just my opinion…

  39. lindsaysyll says:

    Arizona has the most gorgeous smile, no?

  40. Karen Morrison says:

    +Cara Delevingne +Jourdan Dunn +Karlie Kloss and *Arizona Muse* take us
    backstage at Jason Wu’s Spring 2013 Collection at Paris Fashion Week.

  41. Gimme Shelter says:

    cara walks perfectly

  42. Marianna A says:

    I see her as one of the most unique faces so I guess she must be considered different in some countries and common in others.
    She definitely doesn’t look like the mediterranean type I`m used to.

  43. Natalie Probstein says:

    Wait I just realized I am facebook friends with one of the models iuegshfdvuihjeirudfgv

  44. Floriano Gomes says:

    cara’s awesome but it’s probably just you xd

  45. sofsgt says:

    Cara and Jourdan have such a cute relatinoship :)

  46. Fardowsa abdullahi says:

    jourdan love her

  47. lola babette says:

    arizona´s eyebrows suck… but cara´s are beautiful…is it just me or other models are trying to act and look like cara?

  48. felix flux says:

    It’s melo – pryda, next time use shazam you idiot

  49. Alejandro Cabezas says:

    here because of fucking anthony

  50. lilalifestyle says:

    whats the runway song called?

  51. felix flux says:

    whats the song before ‘au seve’

  52. Meghan Brit says:

    Yeah, I can see that. She definitely has the perfect proportions for a model.

  53. beckybang1512 says:

    I think its because she is very unique with her height and her legs are very long, I love her hahah.:)

  54. Meghan Brit says:

    I guess I just don’t understand Karlie’s appeal. She seems like a very ‘common’ face to me, not really “modelesque.”

  55. Rachel Sylvester says:

    Their legs. How.

  56. Noella Kamolé says:

    5:13 that dress is so Elegant and sexy omagoshh wow, he’s clothes are just WOW

  57. TheLizziecakeShow says:

    Cara and Jourdan :)

  58. Emilystrange008 says:

    So, I’m here because this video include almost everybody and everything I love

  59. lea soyler says:

    They’re beautiful and cute !!

  60. ChocolateSundaexx says:

    I feel like such a fat heffer when I watch these girls :(((((((((( be right back going to stuff my face with biscuits!!

  61. Brenda T says:

    Arizona Muse <3

  62. Lanessa Hickman says:

    Cara and Jourdan.

  63. belleiscoolest says:

    I want the clothes!

  64. Nessa Yesufu says:

    I’m here for Cara AND Jourdan, I love them and their friendship so muchh!

  65. Cindy J says:

    well i feel ugly

  66. ClaireBrit123 says:

    Jourdann!!!! :P

  67. Manar Tariq says:

    omg Cara & constance are perfect

  68. OCallzHD says:

    Here for Kloss and thats it.

  69. TheMiunela says:

    Karlie is weird…

  70. Andrea Fernandez Concha says:

    The music is amaaaazingggg good tech house and I love Cara!!!

  71. MODTV says:

    Go backstage at *Anthony Vaccarello*. Spring 2013 fashion show in Paris
    with +Cara Delevingne *Karlie Kloss*, *Arizona Muse*, and +Jourdan Dunn and
    get the gorgeous look by *Estee Lauder’s Tom Pecheux*. #pfw #fashionvideo
    #anthonyvaccarello #spring2013

  72. H3lloB3lo says:

    yeah! That’s what i was saying, im pretty sure it is

  73. Авдотья Митрофановна says:

    I’m here because of Karlie and Jourdan<3, anyone else?

  74. preppdude55 says:

    I am so in love with Jourdan it is unreal!

  75. samy go says:

    CARA is so sexy

  76. PolePrincess69 says:

    And Anna Selezneva is a Goddess too!

  77. PolePrincess69 says:

    Constance Jablonski & Anja Rubik are pure perfection!

  78. marissamacil says:


  79. evelyah says:

    karlie is so annoying looking

  80. cutenikkiboo1 says:

    their thighs are like sticks o_o, I’m jealous

  81. JaiixVee says:


  82. cags147 says:

    cara and jourdan are soooo pretty!!

  83. Jouer moi says:

    I love Jourdan <3

  84. FaithandMay says:

    cara is overrated but nevertheless beautiful. so is jourdun

  85. Bukurije Berisha says:

    Cara Delevingne is so beautiful !!!

  86. Asta Mockeviciute says:

    what is the song used for this video ?

  87. Susie08 says:

    5:23 is that the dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys in 2013?

  88. glamminx says:

    yeah yeah yeah WHERES CARA BITCH

  89. Azucena Mendoza says:

    I love Anna Selezneva at 5:00

  90. sophs stephen says:

    can i be cara already

  91. emmeliness says:

    Karlie looks soooo old …. wtf…

  92. esterpie14 says:

    fuck you

  93. itsonlyraining says:

    Something about carA that reminds me of trailer park

  94. shopoholic5 says:

    yep, at 2:35 ish,

  95. Melissa Desantis says:

    is that the girl who is bouncing??

  96. rickyretire says:

    Jourdan Dunn: JD is the real dunn deal!

  97. shopoholic5 says:

    arizona has an atrocious walk… she’s beautiful but girl needs to work on it!

  98. 1pqz says:

    constace and cara…wow!! beautiful!

  99. keneishar572 says:

    if you can’t spell someones name with it right infront of you’re eyes, you need help

  100. keneishar572 says:

    omg like leave, her walk is amaze-balls

  101. Brownin90s says:

    whats the song at 2.24

  102. MyDailyUK says:

    Her and Karlie Kloss in one video was a little too much for us to handle!

  103. Mohd Hamizan says:

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  104. Maura Willey says:

    If you LOVE Jourdan Dunn, check out her new cooking show over at JAY Z’s Life+Times! Or search for: InhtH-iHb4E

  105. Christian Pesciano says:

    If you LOVE Jourdan Dunn , these vids of her in the kitchen on JAY Z’s Life+Times are worth a watch! search lyaf1fxF5q4 or go to JAY Z’s Life+Times channel!

  106. Christian Pesciano says:

    If you LOVE Jourdan Dunn , these vids of her in the kitchen on JAY Z’s Life+Times are worth a watch! search lyaf1fxF5q4 or go to JAY Z’s Life+Times channel!

  107. Christian Pesciano says:

    If you LOVE Jourdan, these vids of her in the kitchen on JAY Z’s Life+Times are worth a watch! search lyaf1fxF5q4 or go to JAY Z’s Life+Times channel!

  108. kaitlinbabeyyx says:

    cara struted that stuff you go cara you work that ass and jiggle them boobs you work that shit work it girl.

  109. Lina Lindberg says:

    I’m here because of Cara, anyone else?

  110. Laura Hewlett says:

    Cara’s walk is so appalling! Far too over-rated. Will fade out.

  111. caerulea0 says:

    such perfect skin! makes me weep with envy

  112. Jessie Essie says:

    who was the makeup artist here ? :)

  113. esterpie14 says:

    Cara delavign?? .. She is pretty but I think money put her bottom on the runway, not her talent

  114. Katy M says:

    how can people say Karlie isn’t pretty? She’s beautiful! Just like every girl there

  115. sweetlovesing says:

    almost every single girl’s hair is covering their face hahaha

  116. dgirlinthedirtyshirt says:

    Karlie Kloss is gross. I don’t know how can people find her attractive. She looks like a dead person. Cara otherwise is asjdaifjaidjaifjad UNBELIEVABLE

  117. dgirlinthedirtyshirt says:

    Karlie Kloss is gross. I don’t know how can people find her attractive. She looks like a dead person. Cara otherwise is asjdaifjaidjaifjad UNBELIEVABLE

  118. SilverLeguar says:

    One of the biggest fashion shows on the planet? LET’S WEAR A BEANIE!!!

    i love Cara XD

  119. LaVienRose OHLALA says:

    I seriously stalk Cara everyday. Shes so perf. I want to be her :(

  120. momande bawari says:

    cara and jourdon dunn are my idols i want to be like cara and jourdon
    but cara is the sexiest
    i love you cara

  121. isawacat21 says:

    i love cara. and I’m sorry to say but karlie is the dumbest person on this planet probably

  122. soapy175 says:


  123. kemicalchaos says:

    i love cara but her walk is terrible. someone had to say it.

  124. vivsauce says:

    She also looks a little like Bambi Northwood-Blyth!

  125. Mayra villazon says:

    Arizona looks like a mix between cara and karlie wow

  126. MicheleBable says:

    I cant stand karlie

  127. teenariana says:

    cara is amazing

  128. dimransee says:

    only here for jourdan. never here for cara ew

  129. SSGrace21 says:

    Cara > Karlie.

  130. eckster says:

    love love Cara, would definitely like to work with her down the road. She would be great for a music video!

  131. mndjohn says:

    constance is indeed stunning, her features are just out of this world. I do like Arizona, she has an awful walk but she’s very articulate which is great.

  132. theeachuisge says:

    Who is the model at 04:27 ?

  133. fuuuuuuuism says:

    What beautiful clothes! I think i just found a new favorite

  134. VivianAudreyy says:

    Lol @ Arizona saying she was missing out on NY and Milan… Her walk is so bad nobody wanted to hire her

  135. 5EverGolden says:

    Lol. That poor girl at 4:54.

  136. olivia exon says:

    aren’t we all

  137. aisuziya says:

    im so happy she’s the face of my fav cosmetic and skin care brand.

  138. AtomicHephaestus says:

    Pretentious fucking losers

  139. Almudena Layos Cobos says:


  140. HarlequinmMonkey says:

    jacket name at cara ?

  141. MrBrotoriousBIG says:

    Tom pecheux is the most masculine man I’ve ever met.

  142. courtney haltwoods says:

    I’d kill to have any one of l their legs

  143. Julianapinilla20 says:


  144. alybaby898 says:

    fuckin’ Cara. she’s so hilarious & gorgeous. I love that she’s brave enough to be herself instead of the sweet, calm stereotypical model that everyone thinks she should be. she’s awesome.<3

  145. Dima JA says:

    Cara is ugly. jk fuck my life

  146. Sophia Corts' says:

    why are they so pretty omg this is not fair god kjadgjhagfhjeslrhn

  147. ProvocatuerBarbie25 says:

    Shes how I got here! Tho, This designer is fabulous- I want to see more more more!

  148. crazychic1008 says:

    omg I swear if I see Constance in person I’m gonna freak out she’s just too beautiful

  149. JigglyRose says:

    Cara’s walk is atrocious

  150. Fr3shPrince09 says:

    I love Anna selezneva :)

  151. Donald Trump says:

    I think Cara has ADHD in those photos of her on the street she seems so excessive

  152. Dianelys Segarra says:

    lol me too, this is like the 5th video of her that i’ve watched in a row

  153. 12345budy says:

    I’m Stalking Cara.

  154. ntl158k says:

    anja and anna s walk are top!

  155. beka nicole says:

    I love Cara

  156. Anna Genolet says:

    Cara <3

  157. stellatocca says:

    constance is such a beauty! she has such elegant features and an unaffected sophistication.

  158. kimmy anderson says:

    I’d kill to have Anja’s legs.

  159. RT @norah_s: So sexy! Watch @MODTV Anthony Vaccarello S13 backstage video. Hair by Anthony Turner @MailAnthony

  160. Tymber Newton says:

    I was wondering the same thing

  161. annatata1234 says:

    Does anybody know why Arizona did only this show during spring 13??

  162. jep32979 says:

    @Zoe its Jourdans left foot that hinders her walk her face is Flawless…Great cast Anja, Cara, and Karlie was on fire too!

  163. So sexy! Watch @MODTV Anthony Vaccarello S13 backstage video. Hair by Anthony Turner @MailAnthony

  164. Zoe Cursual says:

    I’m not sure about Jourdan’s walk, she is very beautiful though

  165. Karen Morrison says:

    Cara,Karlie and Joudan – the hottest 3 top models on the planet take us
    backstage at Anthony Vaccarello’s Spring 2013 show in Paris.

  166. MODTV says:

    Thanks for watching! All the make up was by Estee Lauder. The products are listed on our website – see the story posted there. PS. The liner is new and coming out in January!

  167. Cécile Chuffart says:

    I really like the grey eye pencil he used and I really want to have one of this color, do you think that the makeup was only just from Estee Lauder or something else ?

  168. Cécile Chuffart says:

    It’s constance Jablonski the french model !

  169. milkzXD says:

    who is that at @2:06

  170. #Video:Get the gorgeous look #AnthonyVaccarello S13 by #hairstylist Anthony Turner @MailAnthony

  171. TheFashionaddict90 says:

    Jourdan dunn is too flawless

  172. missAmeera1415 says:

    The hair and the makeup is fantastic

  173. RT @MODTV: Anthony Vaccarello S13 Backstage @karliekloss @missjourdandunn @caradelevingne @constancejab @anthonyvacc

  174. chisovnik says:

    Constance is stunning. It’s almost ridiculous how beautiful she is.

    Arizona is pretty too and she seems very intelligent. She seems very thoughtful and doesn’t talk just to talk.

    Cara seems like she’d be fun to party with.

    I don’t know if it’s just me but Karlie comes across as REALLY fake. She’s really over-the-top and in-your-face. It’s awkward listening to her speak. She reminds me of Obama- she can talk forever but doesn’t really say much.

  175. @Silvia_Casa says:

    RT @MODTV: FInd out why @karliekloss @Caradelevingne
    adore Anthony Vaccarello @anthonyvacc. MODTV #video @KCDworldwide

  176. xJikk says:


  177. RT @MODTV: Find out why every top #model loves Anthony Vaccarello | MODTV @karliekloss @Caradelevingne @missjourdandunn

  178. MODTV says:

    Go #backstage at Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2013 fashion show in Paris with
    top #models Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Arizona Muse, and
    Constance Jablonski #pfwspring2013 #pfw #anthonyvaccarello
    #karliekloss #fashion

  179. VIDEO: Go backstage Anthony Vaccarello S13 @karliekloss @missjourdandunn @caradelevingne @constancejab @anthonyvacc

  180. Adam Bagley says:

    new logo is very distracting….

  181. Adam Bagley says:

    please upload on itunes!!

  182. VIDEO: Tom Pecheux @EsteeLauder shows us how to get gorgeous look of Anthony Vaccarello S13 | MODTV with @constancejab

  183. Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2013 Top Models Backstage: Anthony Vaccarello is the hot… @MODTV

  184. Thecaptcharly says:

    One of the best fashion shows during the Paris FWeek ! And great casting ! :)

  185. KGO80313 says:

    LOVE when she flips her hair out of her face on the runway

  186. rianrobot says:

    cara’s brows doe

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